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Ella Buchanan

Attenborough | 24 x 24 in

Attenborough | 24 x 24 in

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🌏 "We can yet make amends, change direction and once again become a species in harmony with nature. All we require is the will." 🌎

Possibly our generation's greatest advocate for the natural world and its protection and preservation, David Attenborough.

Selected for the Worcester Open exhibition 2023: Climate Change Edition. 

I loved creating this piece with layers of mixed media. I aimed to capture lots of visual texture as a reference to ice cracking and melting. The hint of orange signifies a flicker of hope for the planet 🩵

Original painting | Mixed media on canvas | 24 x 24 inches

📸 Photo reference with kind written permission from photographer Sam Faulkner.


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"I am an art student and follow Ella Buchanan. I saw her painting 'Anemone Dreams' and had to have it in my home. It’s so beautiful, thank you Ella for this wonderful painting."

Debbie, Alabama, USA